PPSC Agriculture Engineering MCQs Quiz Test 8

Basic Agriculture Engineering MCQs Quiz Test with Solved Answers.

PPSC Agriculture Engineering MCQs with Solved Answers.

#1. Efficiency is the Otto cycle can be written as________________

#2. The ratio of the final and initial volumes of the gas is known as

#3. The sheer strength of soil is usually determined experimentally by the method________________

#4. To determine the in place density of soil________________ is used.

#5. The loss in the relative velocity of stream due to friction is________________

#6. The ratio between the heat abstracted and work done by a refrigerator is known as

#7. What is the ratio of the fuel and air for an engine________________?

#8. Entropy is a property of a material, which varies with its absolute________________ and its state.

#9. The cycle consists of two constant line and two reversible adiabatic lines this cycle is known as.

#10. The cycle consists of two Isothermal processes and two constant volume processes. This cycle is termed as________________

#11. The speed of the de-level turbine is_______________

#12. Lateral forces interacting between the earth retaining structure and retainedearth mass are caused by_______________

#13. In the Nozzle Velocity of steam at the throat is_______ for maximum discharg

#14. The amount of heat required to raise unit weight of the substance through one degree of temperature________________

#15. The cycle consists of two reversible adiabatic, one constant pressure line and one constant volume line. This cycle is {known as

#16. Clinical waste can be categories in to ______-categories

#17. A structure designed to sustain the lateral pressure of earth and other material is termed as________________

#18. All gases at the same temperature and pressure contain same numbers of molecular per unit volume. The is stated according to the

#19. A cycle requiring one revolution for its completion is known as________________

#20. When a gas is heated at constant temperature the pressure multiplied by the volume remains constant. This is according to the

#21. In Pakistan annual consumption of plastic is ____-tones.

#22. What is the coulomb’s shear strength equation________________?

#23. The flow of steam in the Nozzle between inlet and throat is________________

#24. . A Shear test where the shear resistance of the soil sample is measured Immediately after the application of the normal load. This test is know has________________

#25. The resistance to deformation by continuous shear displacement of soil particle is called_______________

#26. A cycle requiring two complete revolutions is know as_______________

#27. If a propulsion unit contains its own oxygen supply for combustion purposes the system is known as_______________

#28. A cycle consisting of two constant pressure processes and two reversible adiabatic. This cycle is known as________________

#29. Orsat apparatus is used to Analyze________________

#30. In the world _____million tons of pathological waste is produced in the hospitals per annum



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