Which River Does not flow from Jammu and Kashmir

Which river does NOT flow from Jammu and Kashmir?

A. Indus
B. Jhelum
C. Chenab
D. Ravi

Which River Does not flow from Jammu and Kashmir

Which river does not flow from Jammu and Kashmir? The Ravi River is a transboundary river that flows through northwestern India and eastern Pakistan. It is one of the five rivers associated with the Punjab region. Let’s explore more about this significant river:

  1. Origin and Course:

    • The Ravi River originates in the Himalayas in the Multhan tehsil of Kangra district in Himachal Pradesh, India
    • It follows a north-westerly course and is a perennial river.
    • The river flows as two channels, Budhil and Tantgari, at elevations of 4,423 meters above sea level and 4,418 meters above sea level, respectively, through the junction formed by the BaraBang-Dhauladhar range of the Himalayas
  2. Transboundary Nature:

  3. Historical Significance:

  4. Water Allocation and Projects:

    • Under the Indus Waters Treaty of 1960, the waters of the Ravi and two other rivers (Sutlej and Beas River) were allocated to India.
    • The Indus Basin Project in Pakistan transfers waters from western rivers of the Indus system to replenish the portion of the Ravi River lying in Pakistan.
    • Many inter-basin water transfers, irrigation, hydropower, and multipurpose projects have been built in India.

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