170 cm in Feet

Converting 170 cm to Feet:

170 cm in Feet, When it comes to understanding height measurements, converting centimeters to feet is a common task, especially for those familiar with the metric system looking to understand the imperial system. In this article, we’ll explore how to convert 170 centimeters into feet and why this measurement is significant in various contexts.

170 cm in Feet

What is 170 cm in Feet?

To convert centimeters to feet, the standard formula is as follows:

Using this formula, 170 centimeters can be converted to feet:

Therefore, 170 cm is equal to approximately 5.58 feet.

Why is this Conversion Important?

Understanding this conversion is particularly useful in fields where height measurements are critical, such as interior design, construction, and even personal shopping, like buying the right size of clothing or bicycles.

How to Use this Conversion in Real Life:

Imagine you’re purchasing a piece of furniture from an international website, and the dimensions are given in centimeters. Knowing how to convert the measurements to feet can help you better visualize if the item fits in your space. Similarly, if you’re 170 cm tall and traveling to a country that uses feet for height, you’ll know to say you’re about 5.58 ft tall.


Converting 170 cm to feet is simple once you know the formula. At approximately 5.58 feet, this measurement can be easily translated and used in everyday situations. Whether you’re decorating your home, shopping online, or filling out a form, understanding how to convert centimeters to feet is an invaluable skill.

If Maria is 170 cm tall, how tall is she in ft and inches?

A) 5 feet 5 inches

B) 5 feet 7 inches

C) 5 feet 9 inches

D) 6 feet

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