Agriculture Engineering MCQs Quiz Test 9

Basic Agriculture Engineering MCQs Quiz Test with Solved Answers.

PPSC Agriculture Engineering MCQs with Solved Answers.

#1. To determine the areas of figures plotted to scale, the instrument is called.

#2. The science which deals with relation between forces acting on rigid bodies is

#3. total change in the dimension of a body is called.

#4. Traction means________________

#5. Plane table surveying is a _____method of surveying

#6. A fixed reference point of known elevation is called.

#7. Gradually applied load resulting in to equilibrium in a short distance

#8. . The part of engine which converts linear ~motion of the piston into rotational motion of flywheel is treaded as________________

#9. The load that acts over a considerable length is called

#10. Additional load to backfill or dead backfill local is called_______________

#11. Temperature of the burning gases in the engine cylinder reaches up to________________

#12. Back sight is also called

#13. It all points in a system move in parallel motion then that system undergoes________________

#14. There are ____method of surveying with the plane table

#15. A chain which is 100 ft long and is divided into 100 links each one foot in length this type of chain is called

#16. 1 degree angle is equal to

#17. Clinometers is usually used to measure

#18. Pressure of backfill material on retaining wall is termed as________________

#19. Measurement of the intensity of deformation is called

#20. If the inner or back face of the retaining wall is dragged towards the backfill then the pressure which is exerted on wall is called________________

#21. Hump is used to________________

#22. There are ____type of conditions of equilibrium

#23. Unit strength of a material is called

#24. If fuel is brunt away from the engine cycling than it is called ________________

#25. The graphical inter predation of equations for finding the principals stresses and the maximum share stress at a point in a stressed member is called

#26. The horsepower available on the crankshaft is known as________________

#27. Resistance to motion between two bodies in contact with each other is called________________



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