PMS General Knowledge Paper 2020 MCQS Quiz Test 1.2

Provincial Management Service ETC. BS-17 2020 General knowledge Paper MCQS Quiz Test. Each paper has 4 Parts and Every Part has 25 MCQS in each paper.

#1. Jabir ibn Haiyan is famous for his work on:

#2. International Monetary Fund (IMF), was created after the;

#3. Soviet Union was replaced by Russian Federation in

#4. The Quran and Sunnah are declared the Supreme law of Pakistan under the Amendment:

#5. Watergate scandal is related to:

#6. Kyoto Protocol came into force in:

#7. In 2018, German Chancellor Angela Merkel was sworn in for.

#8. Settlement of border dispute and signing of "Boundary agreement" with China proved a mile stone in the history of Sino-Pak relations Which of the following diplomats rendered his services to finalise the agreement?

#9. The Lengthiest written constitution of the world is:

#10. Pakistan installed her first nuclear power station in Karachi with the cooperation of:

#11. . The article 3 of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of UN relates:

#12. The Treaty of Versailles settled peace in:

#13. Who was Pakistan's first ambassador to US?

#14. The India's current president is:

#15. Ho Chi Minh was:

#16. Continental Shelf limits of Pakistan is:

#17. The Bolshevik Revolution took place in:

#18. Jahangir Khan won Squash Champion Ship for 10 times:

#19. The World Water day is celebrated every year on:

#20. The word 'REX' stands for:

#21. Deal of the Century presented by US President Donald Trump related to

#22. China have claim on part of Indian province of:

#23. The political term "Shadow cabinet stands for:

#24. Hugo Shavez was leader of:

#25. "Kapas ka Phool" is written by:



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Please Share the Quiz with others to Help Them.

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