PMS General Knowledge Paper 2020 MCQS Quiz Test 1.1

Provincial Management Service 2020 General knowledge Paper MCQS Quiz Test.

Each paper has 4 Parts and 25 MCQS in each paper.

#1. Or Abdul Salam, 1st Noble Prize recipient of Pakistan got his PhD degree from which university?

#2. Tomb of Khwaja Farid is in:

#3. The only Muslim woman who attended Round Table Conference (RTC) was:

#4. Identify the most benefited sector of Pakistan because of GPS-plus (duty free access, to European Union?

#5. Nanga Parbat is the highest peak of

#6. Who was the first Muslim Governor of Punjab?

#7. The Chairman of National Economic Council

#8. Statue of Liberty was given to USA by:

#9. "Wealth of Nations" was written by:

#10. Karakoram Highway between Pak & China was completed in:

#11. Dr. Ruth Pfou the "Mother Theresa" of Pakistan campaigned against which disease?

#12. The only vice-president of Pakistan was:

#13. Objectives Resolution was presented in the Constituent Assembly on:

#14. The British sold the Kashmir to Gulab Singh Dogra under the treaty of?

#15. The Shandur Pass connects Chitral with:

#16. The Quaid e Azam resigned from the membership of imperial Legislative council on account of

#17. The title of "Ambassador of Hindu Muslim unity was given to Quaid e Azam by:

#18. "Habba Khatoon" is famous poetess of which language?

#19. What is the minimum age of senator under 1973 constitution?

#20. The United Nations General Assembly has declared the decade 2021-30 as?

#21. Renowned Urdu writer Mushtaq Ahmad Yusufi by profession was:

#22. Term of the office of Election commissioner of Pakistan:

#23. On the advice of Prime Minister and Chief Minister, President and Governor are bound to dissolve the assemblies with in:

#24. River Kabul joins Indus River near:

#25. "Lowari Pass" connects:



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Please Share the Quiz with others to Help Them.

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