General Knowledge MCQs Solved Quiz Test 2

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General Knowledge MCQs with Solved Answers Quiz Test from the past papers. These MCQs are related to General Knowledge information of Pakistan and world.

#1. The headquarter of Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations is in_________?

#2. Who is the Author of the Book “Brief Answers to the Big Questions”?

#3. Ryanair airline belongs to which Country?

#4. RAW is an Indian Secret Service which headquarters is in delhi and was founded in?

#5. How many Sports were in Winter Olympic 2018?

#6. What is the typical interest rate on World Bank loans, which are revised every six months?

#7. Easyjet airline belongs to which Country?

#8. How many sports were played in summer Olympic 2016?

#9. Famous British Physicist Stephen Hawking died at the age of _________?

#10. Katla Volcano located in which country?

#11. The day which is celebrated on 21 September every year is _________?

#12. The 17th Asian Games were held in _________?

#13. CIA is Intelligence agency of USA headquartered in Langley, Virginia was founded in?

#14. Braathens airline belong to which Country?

#15. Who is the Author of “The Myth of independence”?

#16. JAXA is a Space Agency of which Country?

#17. When National Voter’s Day is celebrated by ECP?

#18. The third Sunday in January is annually celebrated as____________?

#19. Iberia Airline belong to which Country?



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