Basic Agriculture Engineering MCQs Quiz Test 1

Agriculture Engineering Basic MCQs Quiz Test with Solved Answers from the Past Papers of PPSC

#1. In the uniform flow remain same

#2. The combining of classical hydrodynamics with the study of real fluid is related to the science, called

#3. The measure of fluid's resistance to sheer or angular deformation

#4. The typical value of modulus of elasticity of cold water at 0Co and pressure 100 K Pa 2530 MN

#5. Specific weight of air (molecular weight =290) at 20ºC and 1013 mbar.abs) with g = 9.81 m/S2 is

#6. The buoyant force on any body is equal to of fluid displaced

#7. In SI unit pressure is expressed in

#8. Kinematics viscosity is usually measured in cm2 /S which is also called Stoke

#9. The compressibility of a liquid is _____ to its volume modulus of elasticity

#10. Deferential manometers are used to measure

#11. What is the formula of volume flow rate

#12. Specific weight (γ) have unit

#13. For air the value of gas constant R is

#14. Specific weight water at 20ºC (1013, abs) with g = 9.8m/s2 is

#15. The unit of viscosity is poise which is equal to

#16. An ideal fluid may be defined as an there is no ______

#17. Specific weight of fluid is:

#18. A gas having temperature and pressure very near to the liquid Phase :

#19. The mechanics of liquids and gases which is based on the same fundamental principles that are employed in the mechanics of solids is called

#20. A fluid for which the constant of proportionally (i.e. the viscosity) does not change with rate of deformation is said to be a



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