Agriculture Engineering MCQs Quiz Test 6

Basic Agriculture Engineering MCQs Quiz Test with Solved Answers.

Basic Agriculture Engineering MCQs with Solved Answers.

#1. If the viscous forces are so strong relative to inertial force than flow will be.

#2. A covered channel comparatively short length is called

#3. In a flow when water fluctuate from time to time while remains parallel to the channel bottom is called

#4. The effect of viscosity relative to inertial can be represented by.

#5. when Froude number equal to unit the flow is said to be

#6. When water flows in a channel a force is developed that acts in the direction of flow on the channel bed is termed as

#7. The depth of flow remains constant during the time interval under consideration this type of flow is called

#8. A channel having steep slop called

#9. When Froude number greater than unit then flow is termed as.

#10. A channel built with unvarying cross section and constant bottom slope is called.

#11. Where the discharge of a steady flow is non-uniform along the channel this type of flow is called.

#12. The hydrostatic law of pressure distribution does not hold strictly for______.

#13. The product of the water area and the two-third power of the hydraulic radius.

#14. The measured maximum velocity in ordinary channels usually appears to occur below the free surface at a distance of ______ to ________ of the depth

#15. What is the area of the trapezoidal channel

#16. : A long and mild-sloped channel built in the grouped, which may be unlined or lined, is called.

#17. The effect of gravity upon the state of flow is repressed by the ratio of inertial force to the gravity forces this ratio is termed as.

#18. Crossectional areas of the water in the channel divide by the width of free surface is called

#19. The ratio the water area to the top width is called

#20. In open channel flow if depth of flow is same at every section of the channel, the flow is called.

#21. If the viscous force is weed relative to the inertial forces, the flow is termed as.

#22. A channel with a longitudinal slope angle, it can be seen that the depth of flow is equal to be depth of flow section divided by

#23. A comparatively long covered carry water through a hill used to obstruction on the ground.

#24. Cross sectional area of the flow normal to the direction of flow is called.

#25. : The value of Bouzinesq coefficient or momentum coefficient for fairly straight prismatic channels varies approximately from _______ to_________.

#26. Coriolis coefficient’s value varies from about to for fairly straights prismatic channels

#27. The product of the water area and the square root of the hydraulic depth is termed as

#28. If depth changes abruptly over a comparatively short distance it is termed as

#29. When Froude number less than unit then flow termed as.

#30. A channel of wood, metal concrete, or masonry, usually supported on or above the surface of the group to carry water across a depression



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