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What is The Flynn Effect Quizlet

What is The Flynn Effect Quizlet
What is the Flynn effect?

  1. Flynn Effect: The Flynn Effect refers to the observed phenomenon of an increase in average human intelligence test scores over time. Named after psychologist James Flynn, who extensively researched and popularized the concept, the Flynn Effect suggests that IQ scores have been rising across generations. This phenomenon challenges the notion that intelligence is solely influenced by genetic factors, as it implies that environmental and cultural factors also play a significant role.
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The correct answer is d) The observation that the mean standardized IQ score has risen since 1932. The Flynn Effect demonstrates that the average IQ scores will change as varying generations have different thresholds for what intelligence is necessary

The Flynn effect refers to the observation that scores on standardized intelligence tests have increased over the last century in various countries. The term was popularized in a book called, The Bell Curve and it was named after the researcher, James Flynn, who first documented this effect.

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