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Research Reveals that Inductive Discipline Quizlet?

What discipline relies too heavily on makes children so anxious?

research reveals that inductive discipline quizlet

Discipline that relies too heavily on threats of punishment or withdrawal of love makes children so anxious and frightened that they cannot think enough to figure out what they should do.
Which style of discipline causes children to understand the effects of their behavior?
The authoritative discipline focuses on teaching children rather than punishing them. They use positive parenting strategies to reinforce positive behavior and prevent problems. They take their children’s feelings and opinions into account.
inductive discipline refers to a discipline style that involves reasoning and discussion. In other words, parents explain their rules, actions, values, and expectations, as well as the consequences of their children’s behavior.
Inductive discipline is a child-rearing practice whereby an adult explains to the child how their actions or misbehavior impacts others.

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