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General Knowledge

  1. How many permanent members the Security Council have?

(A) 2

(C) 5    A

(B) 15

(D) 7

  1. F.B.I in USA stands for

(A) Federal Bureau of Information

(B) Federal Bureau of Investigation   A

(C) Federal Bureaucracy of Information

(D) Federal Branch of Investigation

  1. Pakistan is situated in

(A) Asia Minor

(B) Far East Asia

(C) South East Asia

(D) South Asia    A

  1. Copenhagen is the capital of

(A) Belgium

(C) Denmark    A

(B) France

(D) Canada

  1. Yen is the currency of

(A) China

(B) Korea

(C) Japan    A

(D) India

  1. Gwadar is situated in

(A) Punjab

(B) Sindh

(C) Baluchistan    A

(D) Khyber Pakhtunkhawa

  1. The Headquarters of the International Court of Justice is situated in

(A) Hague   A

(C) Geneva

(B) Lisbon

(D) Berlin

8.The final of 1992 Cricket World Cup was held in

(A) Sydney

(C) Adelaide

(B) Melbourne    A

(D) Perth

  1. The constellation of seven bright stars is known as

(A) The Milky Way

(B) The Great Bear    A

(C) Asteroids

(D) Satellites

  1. World Trade Organization (WTO) is the new name of

(A) World Bank

(C) GATT    A

(B) I.M.F.

(D) I.F.C.

  1. The city of Seven Hills is

(A) Milan

(B) Athens

(C) Rome    A

(D) Zurich

  1. Beijing is the new name of

(A) Hiroshima

(B) Yokohama

(D) Seoul

(C) Peking     A

  1. Which country is not the member of SAARC?

(A) Maldives

(B) Bhutan

(C) Myanmar   A

(D) Sri Lanka

  1. Which of the following is a military alliance?



(C) NATO    A


  1. Name the most polluted city out of the


(B) London

(A) Mexico    A

(C) Karachi

(D) Tokyo

  1. Who invented the printing press?

(A) Graham Bell

(B) Marconi

(C) Johann Gutenberg     A

(D) Thomas Edison

  1. The nearest planet to the Sun:

(B) Venus

(A) Mercury      A

(D) Saturn

(C) Jupiter

  1. Who discovered America?

(A) Christopher Columbus     A

(B) George Washington

(C) Captain Cook –

(D) Gulliver

  1. The largest desert of the world is

(A) Gobi Desert

(C) Thar Desert

(B) Libyan Desen

(D) Sahara Desert     A

  1. Sound cannot travel through

(A) Air


(B) Water

(C) Vacuum     A

(D) Sand

  1. Pakistan Studies
  2. The First Constitution of Pakistan was introduced in

(A) 1955

(B) 1956    A

(C) 1958

(D) 1959

  1. Lucknow Pact was signed in

(A) 1917

(B) 1918

(C) 1916     A

(D) 1915

  1. The first Round Table Conference was held in

(A) Berlin

(B) Delhi

(C) Calcutta

(D) London    A

  1. All India Muslim League was founded in

(A) 1905

(B) 1906      A

(C) 1907

(D) 1908

  1. When did the Quaid-e-Azam join the Muslim league?

(A) 1912

(B) 1913     A

(C) 1914

(D) 1916

  1. Who led the Simla Deputation?

(A) Sir Agha Khan     A

(B) Sir Syed Ahmad Khan

(C) Quaid-e-Aram

(D) Allama Iqbal.

  1. Who wrote “India Wins Freedom”?

(A) Allama Iqbal

(B) Sir Syed Ahmad Khan

(C) Abul Kalam Azad     A

(D) Muhammad Ali

  1. Who was the first Chief Justice of Pakistan?

(B) Abdur Rashid      A

(A) Zafar-ul-Haq

(C) Anwar-ul-Haq

(D) Mushtaq Hussain

  1. Objective Resolution was passed in

(B) 1949     A

(A) 1948

(C) 1950

(D) 1951

  1. Who Inaugurated the State Bank of Pakistan?

(A) Quaid-e-Azam      A

(B) Liaqat Ali Khan

(C) Ch. Muhammad Ali

(D) Ghulam Muhammad

  1. Who wrote Pakistan’s National Anthem?

(A) Allama Iqbal

(B) Hafeez Jallandhari     A

(C) Ch Rahmat Ali

(D) Agha Khan

  1. Who proposed the name of Pakistan?

(A) Ch Rahmat Ali     A

(B) Sir Agha Khan

(C) Sir Syed Ahmad Khan

(D) Allama Iqbal

  1. Indus Basin Treaty was signed in

(A) 1960     A

(B) 1961

(C) 1962

(D) 1963

  1. Who presented the Lahore Resolution?

(A) Maulvi Fazal-e-Haq     A

(B) Kh Nazimuddin

(C) Allama Iqbal

(D) Liaqat Ali Khan

  1. The first Census of Pakistan was held in

(A) 1950

(C) 1953

(B) 1951     A

(D) 1954

  1. The British Government accepted the Muslim League’s demand for Pakistan on

(A) 3rd June 1947     A

(B) 3rd July 1947-

(C) 3rd August 1947

(D) 3rd May 1947

  1. The total area of Pakistan is:

(A) 796096 km      A

(B) 726069 km

(C) 826090 km

(D) 766009 km

  1. The National Game of Pakistan is

(A) Cricket

(B) Hockey     A

(C) Squash

(D) Kabaddl

  1. Who wrote the famous pamphlet captioned ‘Now or Never’?

(A) Allama Iqbal

(B) Ch. Muhammad Ali

(C) Ch. Rahmat Ali      A

(D) Muhammad Ali Johar

  1. Lake Saiful Muluk is situated in

(A) Swat

(B) Gilgit

(C) Kaghan     A

(D) Murree

III. English Language

Choose the Correct Spelling

  1. (A) Receive A

(B) Receve

(C) Reeievee

(D) Recive

  1. (A) Relieve A

(B) Reletve

(C) Releeive

(D) Realieve

  1. (A) Sucecde

(B) Succeed     A

(C) Sueecde

(D) Sucede

Choose the correct word for the blank space

  1. Mr. Allan was immediately promoted when his boss saw how he was

(A) Assiduous      A

(B) Indolent

(D) Lazy

(C) Lethargic

  1. We had a beautiful view of the valley through the

(B) Vicinity

(A) Window     A

(C) Roof

(D) Hole

Complete the sentences by choosing the correct word.

  1. That was an edition of the book

(A) Summarized

(B) Abridged     A

(C) Shortened

(D) Abbreviated

  1. His reply was such…. I expected him.

(A) That

(B) Which

(D) When

(C) As     A

  1. She never….to him in the past.

(A) Write

(C) Wrote     A

(B) Writes

(D) Written


Fill in the blanks with suitable prepositions


  1. He is grateful…..his friends.

(A) For

(C) To     A

(B) With

(D) By

  1. I take much delight…. reading poetry.

(A) To

(B) For

(D) By

(C) In      A

  1. I can see……your game

(B) In

(A) Through     A

(C) To.

(D) At

Choose the correct synonym

  1. Arrogance

(A) Modest

(B) Haughtiness     A

(D) Servile

(C) Happiness

  1. Annihilate

(A) Efface    A

(C) Build

(B) Cultivate

(D) Create

  1. Cumbersome

(A) Awkward     A

(B) Decline

(D) Beautiful

(C) Handsome

  1. Exemplify

(B) Illustrate     A

(A) Over

(C) Answer

(D) Summary

Choose the correct antonyms

  1. Capricious

(A) Unchanging     A

(B) Yielding

(C) Heavy

(D) Concrete

  1. Entice

(A) Lure

(B) Repel    A

(D) Charm

(C) Encourage

  1. Frantic

(A) Mad

(B) Crazy

(D) Happy

(C) Sane     A

  1. Melancholy

(A) Cheerfulness    A

(C) Insanity

(B) Madness

(D) Truthfulness

  1. Ominous

(A) Threatening

(C) Docile

(B) Promising     A

(D) Menacing

For Muslim Students: IV Islamiat

  1. The number of Allah’s attributes are

(A) 96

(B) 97

(C) 99     A

(D) 98

  1. The Zaboor was revealed on

(A) Hazrat Musa

(B) Hazrat Isa

(C) Hazrat Dawood     A

(D) Hazrat Muhammad (SAW)

  1. The recitation of first Kalimah is called

(A) Salat

(B) Tauba

(C) Tahleel    A

(D) Astaghfar

  1. Hazrat Jaafar Tayyar was martyred in the battle of:

(A) Yamamah

(C) Tabook

(B) Moota    A

(D) Badr

  1. The first Surah revealed upon the Holy Prophet is

(A) Surah Yasin

(B) Surah Al-Baqrah

(C) Sura Al-Alaq    A

(D) Sura Al-Rehman

  1. The book of Hadith “Mavata” was written by

(A) Imam Malik     A

(B) Imam Ahmed Bin Hambal

(C) Imam Azam Abu Hanifa

(D) Imam Muslim

  1. Who claimed to be a prophet during the period of Hazrat Abu Bakar Siddique?

(A) Muselima Kazzab     A

(B) Asvad Ansi

(C) Talhea Bin Khavaled

(D) Sajah Binte Khavaled

  1. Al Hudaybiyah agreement was signed in

(A) 628     A

(C) 625

(B) 627

(D) 629

  1. Hazrat Muhammad (SAW) died on

(A) June 8, A.D. 632      A

(B) July 6, A.D. 633

(C) June 6, A.D. 634

(D) June 5, A.D 634

  1. Hazrat Abu Bakr Siddique became caliph of Islam in

(A) A D. 632     A

(B) A.D. 633

(C) A.D. 634

(D) A.D. 635

  1. Which is the longest Surah of Holy Quran?

(A) Surah Al Baqra     A

(C) Surah Al-Nisa

(B). Surah Akhlas

(D) Surah Al Imran

  1. Sha’ban is which month of Islamic Calendar’?

(A) 3rd

(B) 9th

(C) 8th     A

(D) 2nd

  1. The Holy Quran comprises:

(A) 114 Surahs     A

(B) 115 Surahs

(C) 116 Surahs

(D) 117 Surahs

  1. How many verses are there in the Holy Quran?

(A) 6667

(B) 6668

(C) 6666     A

(D) 6669

  1. The Pillars of Islam are

(A) 4

(B) 5      A

(C) 6

(D) 7

  1. Ahmad bin Baytar was a

(A) Batonist     A

(B) Chemist

(C) Minister

(D) Physicist

  1. Al Zahrawi was the Court Physician of

(A) Al-Haktm II     A

(B) Haroon-ur-Rashid

(C) Mamun-ur-Rashid

(D) Al-Hakim IV

  1. Siyassat-Namah was composed by

(A) Nizam-ul-Mulk    A

(B) Ibn-e-Batuta

(C) Hashim II

(D) Abdur Reham II

  1. The word Maliaka means

(A) Messenger    A

(B) Prophet

(C) Communicator

(D) Converter

  1. Which Surah does not begin with ‘Bismillah’?

(A) Surah Al Imran

(B) Surah Tauba    A

(C) Surah Al Mominoon

(D) Surah Al Mudassar

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