PPSC Assistant Zakat and Ushr Department Paper 2021 Paper 1.3

PPSC Assistant Zakat and Ushr Department Punjab Past Paper 2021

#1. Which one is Incorrect.

#2. Do you understand what I mean?

#3. (2.39)2-(1.61) $1 2.39-1.61

#4. Landscape and Portrait are:

#5. The antonym of Transmit is:

#6. . If the interest rate of Rs 800 be more than the interest on Rs400 by Rs 40 in 2 years then the rate of interest per annum is:

#7. 21 Binders can bind 1400 Books in 15 days. How many Binders will be required to bound

#8. The Son amused themselves. Themselves is

#9. If a school cafeteria needs C cans of soup each week for each student, and if there are S students in the school, for how many weeks will X cans soup last?

#10. The antonym of Blooming is:

#11. I don't mind if you are tired.

#12. CRT Stands for.

#13. Numeric Paid is in:

#14. To Pull Socks Up means

#15. If P*Q=P+Q+P/Q then 8*2 is

#16. 12 men and 15 women can reap a field in 14 days. Find the days that 7 men and 5 women can take to reap it?

#17. The antonym of Benign is:

#18. You will go, or you will miss the train. It is which type of sentence

#19. Change Voice: The Doctor bandaged the arm of the injured man.

#20. PowerPoint is used for:

#21. If log 2 =0.312 log 10=1 then logs 512 is

#22. Which Operation will you perform if you need to move a block of text.

#23. Which key is used to align the text to center.

#24. 1KB=

#25. 0.232323 is also written in form of

#26. Which Software is used to access webpages.

#27. The Analogy of Lion: Carnivores. Then

#28. A ladder makes an angle of 60 degree with the ground against a wall. If the foot of ladder is 2m away from the wall. The length of ladder is:

#29. An army camp of 200 men has enough food for 60 days How long will the food last if the number of men in the camp is reduced to 160?

#30. We should take taxi it is more expensive.

#31. Change the Voice: The Box can contain no more.

#32. Which key is used to Select whole document,



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