Assistant Board of Revenue and Land Record Past Paper 2021 1.3

#1. If 10 persons can do a job in 20 days than 20 persons with twice efficiency can do the same job in.

#2. The last holiday we spent in Canada is expensive that we had expected.

#3. 1/Log3 60 + 1/Log4 60 + 1/ Logs 60=

#4. Lahore the area of Punjab joins which city to India:

#5. A person who reads the Kalima of Islam verbally and calls himself Muslim, but disbelieves it heartily is called a

#6. Working 5 hours a day. A can Complete a work in 8 days and working 6 hours a day, B can complete the same work in 10 days. Working 8 hours a day, they can jointly complete the work in

#7. Not only teacher but students laughing.

#8. Choose analogous pair Light: Glint

#9. Choose analogous pair Light: Blind Loji

#10. Who first built fully practical plane?

#11. I have not seen you Monday

#12. A and B can do a piece of work in 12 days B and C in 15 days C and A in 20 days then that numbers of days taken by A B and C together to finish the work are

#13. Where there is a will there is a

#14. A person bought an item for Rs.2500 and sold it for 15% discount. What was the selling price after discount?

#15. Select the pair which has the same relationship. HORSE: MARE FOX

#16. Choose analogous pair Food : Hungry

#17. A washer man irons 4 shirts in 12 minutes. How many shirts he ironed in one hour?

#18. Cleanliness is next to

#19. The Doctor recommended tablets and asked to drink ------ of water.

#20. Choose the synonym of Waive

#21. He is good at mathematic.

#22. All shell collection share is 80% more than Aslam. If Aslam has 80 more shell than total number of shell will be

#23. Were the clothes dries in the lawn by mother?

#24. As plentiful as blackberries means

#25. Hassan borrowed 5000 with simple interest for five years. He paid an extra 500 then how much percent he pays per annum.



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