PMS General Knowledge Paper 2019 MCQS Quiz Test 2.2

Provincial Management Service ETC. BS-17 2019 General knowledge Paper MCQS Quiz Test Each paper has 4 Parts and 25 MCQS in each paper.

#1. Smooth Endoplasmic Reticulum is involved in •the synthesis and storage of

#2. A mechanical stopwatch can measure a time interVal up to a minimum seconds

#3. Sindh Sagar Doab is one of the five major doabs of the Punjab province. it is the tract of land between the following rivers (A) Indus and Chenab

#4. Who is the current Chief of Air Staff?

#5. SCO, Shanghai Cooperation Organization was established in

#6. According to a report published by IMF, Pakistan has been ranked "in the world among countries facing acute water shortage

#7. World Food Program an organization of the United Nations was created at the behest of

#8. The is equal to the sum of all the values in the data divided by the number of values in the data

#9. Crude Oil is heated in the furnace up to

#10. How many subsets does an empty subset have?

#11. Who among the following is known as the Poet of Beauty?

#12. In mathematics, a solution to an equation that emerges from the process of solving the problem but is not a valid solution to the problem is called solution:

#13. International Mother Language is -celebrated on:

#14. Amnesty International is an international nongovernmental organization for Human Rights it was founded in

#15. When in ICC Champions Trophy did Pakistan defeat India?

#16. Which among the following defines the event of Supernova?

#17. A is a representation of a frequency distribution by means of rectangles whose widths represent class intervals and whose areas are proportional to the corresponding frequencies

#18. When a triangle has two congruent sides, it is called - triangle.

#19. 'King of Pop'. Michal Jackson was an American singer songwriter and dancer. He died in:

#20. Which among the given options is the capital of Kazakhstan?

#21. The number of elements in power set {1.2.3} is:



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