MCQs General Knowledge Quiz Test 5 With Answers

General Knowledge MCQs Quiz Test 5 With Answers

MCQs General Knowledge is a practice test that provides practice answering multiple choice questions. It contains over 150000 solved MCQs to help you prepare for any general knowledge test or subjective exam. These Questions cover many of the same topics that you might find on an entry exam.

These questions are given in multiple-choice format on the internet or on a PDF. They are based on all topics. They are meant to test your knowledge about important world events, important facts, and current issues.

The GK are very important for any exam. Whether you are applying for a government job or applying for a university internship program, it is a good idea to have an overview of the general knowledge for the particular test. General knowledge is an important subject for all types of competitive exams.

#1. Name the first Muslim who travelled in space from April 29 to May 6,1985?

#2. International Space Station ( ISS) was launched in which year ?

#3. OIC stands for __________?

#4. Which is the main industrial activity in Tanzania?

#5. China Times is the official newspaper for which country?

#6. Name the bird which is fastest and can attain speed of 200km?

#7. Which British explorer was the first European to see the Victoria Falls?

#8. How many Times has Brazil won the world cup football championship?

#9. Name the first Astronaut to walk in space in 1965. He remained in space for 20 minutes.

#10. Drawin is the sea port of which country?

#11. Which country is called “Land of direct democracy”?

#12. World’s first commercial communication satellite was launched in 1965. Its name was

#13. Cancun is a famous city of country?

#14. In which city the United Nations was created?

#15. Great Mosque of Cordoba is located in which country ?

#16. Who did the USA buy the Virgin Islands from?

#17. Where is the Devils Tower located ?

#18. Bali is famous tourist resort of___________?

#19. Geographically, Greenland is in which continent?

#20. Which countries flag has red circle on green background?

#21. In the Muslim World which country has the highest per capita income?

#22. Which country is known as ” land of song”?

#23. which country national flag there is an eagle and a snake?

#24. Valley of the Kings is located in which country ?



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