Lecturer History Male 2021 Paper MCQS Quiz Test 1.3

PPSC Lecturer History Male 2021 BS-17 Higher Education Department MCQS With Solved Answers.

#1. To convert Word file into PDF file which of the following Command Use?

#2. Who was the architect of Deccan Policy?

#3. You are angry me on this matter?

#4. Second Governer General of Pakistan?

#5. Change voice: Movies are not watched by

#6. Military commander of Hameed?

#7. Queen Khizran was the wife of:

#8. Khilafat Committee was formed in which city?

#9. Second Highest peak of the world?

#10. Iberian Peninsula Muslim forced conversion to

#11. First recipient of Nishan-e-Haider?

#12. Zahir ud din Babur buried near the Garden?

#13. The sum of the square of three number is 138 which of the sum of their product taken two at a time is?.

#14. How Many Muslims Participtaed in Ghazwa Badar?

#15. Gandhara Civilization belong to which religion?

#16. President Muhammad Al Gaddafi belong to which country?

#17. 1200 in lend out at 5% per annum simple interest for 3 years. Find the amount after 3 years?

#18. Who Composed Music of National Anthem?

#19. Who introduced modern history of Philosophy

#20. Which Protein Factory for RNA?

#21. Who translated Objective Resolution into Urdu?

#22. Proverb Still Water runs deep.Deep is:

#23. Quaid e Azam Said who is the Show Boy of Congress?

#24. Pakistan is situated in which continent?

#25. Who stood against Akbar Deen-i-llahi?



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