General Knowledge Solved MCQs Quiz Test 9

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General Knowledge Solved MCQs is a practice test that provides practice answering multiple choice questions. It contains over 150000 solved MCQs to help you prepare for any general knowledge test or subjective exam. These Questions cover many of the same topics that you might find on an entry exam.

#1. How many words are there in Russian language _____ ?

#2. The State Great Khural is the parliament of which of the following country?

#3. Masherbrum Peak is located in _______?

#4. Mumbai stock exchange was established in_________?

#5. Which of the following is the parliament of Burma?

#6. Longest Railway line in the world is _________ ?

#7. Marib Dam is located in________?

#8. What does Duff mean in golf?

#9. When is world youth skills day observed?

#10. Majlis Mesyuarat is the parliament of which of the following country?

#11. Parliament of Oman is known as __________?

#12. Parliament of Norway is known as:

#13. What is the name of parliament of Jordan?

#14. When is Nelson Mandela’s day celebrated?

#15. Surma is name of a _________?

#16. Who founded Judaism?

#17. Which of the following personality is the founder of basketball?

#18. The weight of 5 rupee coin of Pakistan is ___________?

#19. Who is the founder of telegram?

#20. Length of Canada’s border with the United States is ________?



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