Excise and Taxation Department 2018 Paper MCQS Quiz Test 2.3

This Quiz Includes Solved MCQS from the Past Papers of Excise and Taxation Department held by PPSC, FPSC, KPPSC, SPSC, and BPSC.

#1. Which of the following Governor General of Pakistan died in exile?

#2. Choose the correct meaning of the Idiom: "Kith and kin"

#3. The total electors in the Electoral College for the election of American President are:

#4. If 4:2::5:15, the x =

#5. To 'clip the wings' means to:

#6. Iblees was:

#7. The First United Nations Conference on Environment and Development was held in 1992 at:

#8. Complete the Proverb: “The man who has once been bitten by the every piece of rope.

#9. Dr. Christian Barnard performed the first ever heart transplant on humans. Which country was he from?

#10. Otto Von Bismarck was:

#11. A data is a communication system within a building, plant, or campus, or between nearby buildings.

#12. Mr. Rehman ordered a car worth Rs. 600,000 and was given a discount. Given that he paid Rs. 570,000 for his new car. Calculate the percentage discount he received:

#13. If the Prime Minister intends to resign, he may address his resignation to:

#14. Chichen Itza is situated in:

#15. FIR stands for:

#16. Of the following which one is not a search engine?

#17. The Synonym of "Indigenous" is:

#18. Congress was founded by A. O Hume because he believed that India's basic aliments were:

#19. Fill in the blank with appropriate preposition: He was indignant me for no reason.

#20. The capital city of Denmark is:

#21. The Government of India Act 1935, divided the country into:

#22. Fill in the blank by choosing suitable word from the given options. "Ruin is to Save as Tight is to

#23. Where does the United Nations "Commission on Human Rights" meet and for how long?

#24. Who was the first Secretary General of UN?

#25. Which of following is not Allama Iqbal's book?



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