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Pakistan Current Affairs

Current Affairs of Pakistan There are many current affairs in Pakistan, and you may be wondering what to keep an eye on. These publications provide coverage of Pakistan’s domestic politics, foreign policy, and its role in South Asia. For example, Foreign Affairs reports on the country’s role in the Indian Ocean and the South Asian continent.

Climate change

Climate change is a pressing issue in Pakistan. The country’s glaciers are rapidly melting, which will have significant negative consequences for agriculture and food production. Heavy rains will cause crop failure, while changing weather patterns will make it difficult to predict the amount of water needed for growing crops. Near 2050, climate change is predicted to lead to heavy flooding, landslides, and dam bursts, leading to drought and famine.

Climate change response in Pakistan will need to be coordinated by relevant national and provincial bodies. PML-N government has announced the formation of a climate task force that will be charged with addressing the heatwave. The government also needs to create an overarching framework to coordinate response. The National Command and Operation Center, which led the COVID-19 response, would be the ideal location for such an endeavor. This would ensure appropriate coordination and the allocation of resources. It would also help create political consensus on how to respond to climate change.

Current Affairs of Pakistan Foreign policy

The Islamic Republic of Pakistan has an extensive network of diplomatic ties throughout the world. It is the second largest Muslim majority nation and is the only Muslim majority nation with nuclear weapons. Its foreign policy focuses on maintaining a balanced relationship with its neighbors and is geared toward promoting peace and prosperity within the region.

In the past, the Pakistani government has favored a Taliban victory in Afghanistan, and continued support for the Taliban would be risky. But with the resumption of high-level contacts between the United States and Pakistan, the Biden administration has justified its continued diplomatic engagement with the country.

Current Affairs of Pakistan Foreign reserves

This study investigates the impact of macroeconomic variables on the level of Foreign Reserves in Pakistan. It uses time series data to estimate the long-run demand for foreign exchange reserves in Pakistan. It finds that the demand for Foreign Reserves is sensitive to the level of capital account vulnerability, but less responsive to the level of opportunity costs. As a result, the long-run relationship between the two variables is not necessarily causal.

Foreign exchange reserves in Pakistan are declining rapidly, resulting in a sharp drop in imports. Imports of essential items such as cooking oil, pulses and fuel have been severely restricted. To deal with the problem, the government has undertaken a strategy to boost the country’s reserves. This includes meeting with the International Monetary Fund (IMF), and beginning a $6 billion loan programme to boost the country’s reserves. However, the three-year programme has already been suspended three times and has yet to be completed.

Current Affairs of Pakistan Pollution

Air pollution in Pakistan has become a major cause of concern. The government has made some changes to curb pollution, such as banning low-quality fuel, introducing stricter fuel emission standards, developing urban forests, and cracking down on industries using old technologies.

According to the World Bank, air pollution in Pakistan is among the worst in the world. The increase in vehicles, unregulated industrial emissions, and burning of plastic and garbage all contribute to the problem. The Sindh Environment Protection Department estimates the average pollution level in big cities is four times higher than the World Health Organisation’s recommended limits.

Current Affairs of Pakistan Elections

Pakistan’s Senate election took place on 3 March 2021. The Election commission of Pakistan announced the schedule of the election on 11 February. There are 104 Senate seats available for election. 52 Senators are retiring from their current positions. Elections will take place in all provinces of Pakistan.

The country has a national parliament, several provincial assemblies and more than five thousand elected local governments. Elections are widely watched across the globe. In Pakistan, the elections have a pronounced impact on the political system.

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