Critical Race Theory Quizlet?

Critical Race Theory QuizletWhat are the main ideas of critical race theory?

1. Critical Race Theory (CRT)
Definition: An intellectual framework and movement that examines the intersection of race, law, and power, focusing on systemic racism.

2. Intersectionality:

Definition: The interconnected nature of social categorizations, such as race, class, and gender, as they apply to individuals or groups, creating overlapping and interdependent systems of discrimination or disadvantage.

3. Systemic Racism:
Definition: A form of racism that is embedded in the policies and practices of institutions, resulting in differential access to resources, opportunities, and rights based on race.

4. White Privilege:

Definition: Unearned advantages or benefits individuals perceived as white may receive in a society characterized by systemic racism.

5. Microaggressions:
Definition: Subtle, often unintentional, verbal or non-verbal actions that convey discriminatory attitudes or reinforce stereotypes.

6. Colorblindness:
Definition: The belief or attitude that treating individuals as equally as possible will eliminate racial disparities without acknowledging the existence of systemic racism.

7. Counterstorytelling:
– Definition: Narratives or stories that challenge dominant narratives and provide alternative perspectives, often used in CRT to highlight marginalized voices.

8. Critical Pedagogy:
– Definition: An educational approach that challenges traditional power structures and encourages students to examine social issues, including those related to race critically.

9. Whiteness:
– Definition: A socially constructed category that designates individuals and groups as belonging to the dominant racial group, often associated with certain privileges and advantages.

10. Institutional Racism:
Definition: Discriminatory practices, policies, and procedures within institutions that perpetuate racial inequalities.

Remember, these definitions provide a brief overview, and exploring each concept more deeply is essential for a comprehensive understanding of Critical Race Theory. Feel free to ask if you have specific questions or need more information on any of these terms!

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