Basic Agriculture Solved MCQs Quiz Test 17

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Agriculture Solved MCQs with Answers

This Quiz Test Have all Basic MCQS Related to Major Fields of Agriculture, Agronomy, Plant Breeding & Genetics, Entomology, Plant Pathology, Forestry & Range Management, Soil Science, Horticultural Sciences, Agricultural Extension, Biotechnology, Seed Science & Technology, Marketing & Agribusiness and Post Harvest Science & Technology.  This Quiz Test Includes Basic Agriculture Solved MCQS from the Past Papers of Agriculture Posts of PPSC, FPSC, SPSC, KPPSC, SPSC, BPSC and NTS. Every Quiz has 20 MCQS and Every MCQS have four options. Select the Correct Answer Right Answer Shows Green And Wrong Will Show as Red.

#1. Major financial institution responsible for issuing currency, managing foreign reserves implementing monetary policy and providing banking service to the govt. and commercial banks ?

#2. Transfer of funds to a foreign country by a local citizen by business ?

#3. To charge different prices for the goods of the same standard is called-------------?

#4. Legally established maximum price of a good or service------------?

#5. A market in which money of one nation can be used to purchase the money of other nation is called-------?

#6. An involuntary payment of money to govt. by a household or firm for which the household or firm receives no good or services directly in return ?

#7. Advantage that occurs to individual or society as a whole as a result of increase in the consumption of certain types of goods or services by other individuals ?

#8. An organization which employs resources to produce a good or service for profit and own and operates one or more plants is called---------?

#9. The export of goods (or goods and services) of a nation less its imports of goods (or goods and services)------------?

#10. The total revenue of a film less all its economic costs is called--------?

#11. A physical establishment which performs one or more functions in production, fabrication and distribution of goods and services ?

#12. Total consumption deducted from total income is called------------?

#13. All goods and services produced in a country in one year are called its------------?

#14. “Wealth of nations” was written by-----------?

#15. A ratio that shows the unit of capital required to produce a unit of output over a given period of time?

#16. An economic system in which property resources are privately owned and markets and prices are used to direct and coordinate economic activities----------?

#17. Using part of income/saving for more income is called-----------?

#18. A payment of money or goods & services by a govt. to a household or firm for which the payer receives no good or service directly in return----------?

#19. An economic system in which property resources are publicly owned and govt uses central economic planning to direct & coordinate economic activities ?

#20. The monetary payment a firm must make to an outsider to obtain a resource-------?



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