Basic Agriculture MCQS Quiz Test 9

This Quiz Test Have all Basic MCQS Related to Major Fields of Agriculture, Agronomy, Plant Breeding & Genetics, Entomology, Plant Pathology, Forestry & Range Management, Soil Science, Horticultural Sciences, Agricultural Extension, Biotechnology, Seed Science & Technology, Marketing & Agribusiness and Post Harvest Science & Technology.  This Quiz Test Includes Basic Agriculture Solved MCQS from the Past Papers of Agriculture Posts of PPSC, FPSC, SPSC, KPPSC, SPSC, BPSC and NTS. Every Quiz has 20 MCQS and Every MCQS have four options. Select the Correct Answer Right Answer Shows Green And Wrong Will Show as Red.

#1. The sheet or small layer of water flowing over an ogee spillway is called -----------?

#2. To be more close to the actual field conditions, some times artificial rain tests conducted, the instrument used is called -------------?

#3. The field capacity is the amount of water retained by a saturated soil mass after being acted by gravity. The amount of water required to bring the soil moisture content of that soil up to field capacity is called------------?

#4. A unit hydrograph is a hydrograph of runoff produced by a rainstorm of a specified duration called -------?

#5. In the initial stage of rainfall, when soil moisture available in the root zone is very low, the rate of infiltration ?

#6. The floods which exceeds the designed magnitude of a reservoir is called ----------?

#7. Water logging and soil salinization is a twin menace which has effected the agriculture sector severely, about --------- hectares of land are wasted yearly?

#8. A spoil bank is formed when the volume of excavated soil is ----------- of embankment filling?

#9. For an economical design of gravity dam, the shear friction factor causec compression strength should lie between-------?

#10. The maximum rate at which the soil in given condition can absorb water is called -------------?

#11. The area irrigated in the year and it grows crops on which water rates are leveled is called-------?

#12. A series of vertical steps in a stream made to avoid soil scouring is called -------------?

#13. In ogee spillway the discharge is directly proportional to ----------?

#14. The ratio between the force causing a body to slide along a plane and the force normal to the plane is called ------------?

#15. The science of water which deals with the depletion and replenishment of water resources is called-----------?

#16. It is important to keep the saturation gradient line within the body of a embankment of canal, the saturation gradient line in loomy soils lie at-------------?

#17. The counter berm for a canal is provided so as to contain the saturation gradient line --------- the bank?

#18. The process to dilute the available salts from root Zone by providing simply canal water is known as ------------?

#19. Water logging caused by -------- water, which during excessive irrigation percolates down and join under ground water table?

#20. The run-off from catchment areas, Roads, buildings and other fallow lands is called -------?



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