Basic Agriculture MCQS Quiz Test 3

This Quiz Test Have all Basic MCQS Related to Major Fields of Agriculture, Agronomy, Plant Breeding & Genetics, Entomology, Plant Pathology, Forestry & Range Management, Soil Science, Horticultural Sciences, Agricultural Extension, Biotechnology, Seed Science & Technology, Marketing & Agribusiness and Post Harvest Science & Technology.  This Quiz Test Includes Basic Agriculture Solved MCQS from the Past Papers of Agriculture Posts of PPSC, FPSC, SPSC, KPPSC, SPSC, BPSC and NTS. Every Quiz has 20 MCQS and Every MCQS have four options. Select the Correct Answer Right Answer Shows Green And Wrong Will Show as Red.

#1. A heterogeneous population include---------?

#2. Allogamy is promoted by-------?

#3. Genetic selection was proposed by-----------?

#4. Cytoplasmic sterility is govemed by-----------?

#5. The process of producing several indentical copies of a gene sequence referred to as------------?

#6. Plants having monoecious flowers are found in-------?

#7. The term self incompatibility was coined by----------?

#8. Amphimixis refers to----------?

#9. Artificial vegetative reproduction is done by-----------?

#10. Self incompatibility in which the genes express in the style is known as------------?

#11. The most effective method for the transfer of oligogenic characters----------?

#12. Self incompatibility which is controlled by two genes is found in-------------?

#13. Somatic hybrid “Pomato” was produced by fusion between potato and tomato by------------?

#14. The concept of multi line varieties was developed by-----------?

#15. When pollination and fertilization occur in unopened flower bud it is known as------------?

#16. Anthesis starts in Allium cepa at-------------?

#17. Herkogamy is found in-------------?

#18. RELP’s, RAPD are helpful in----------?

#19. Mass pedigree method was developed by------------?

#20. Mating between distantly related individuals is known as----------?



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