Agriculture Engineering MCQs Quiz Test 3

Agriculture Engineering MCQs Quiz Test with Solved Answers.

#1. V = 0.85 CHW Rh 0.63S 0.54 This above formula is called

#2. The movement of water through the soil profile is called

#3. What is the Minning formula in MKS system.

#4. The discharge of an overflow spillway is given y the Weber equation

#5. . The engineering problems involved in soil and water conservation may be divided in the------------- phases

#6. . Flow rate through on orifice meter is commonly expressed as

#7. If in pipe friction equation D is replaced by Hydraulic Radius R then this equation is known as

#8. .Drizzle consists of quite uniform precipitation with drops less then ------- in diameter.

#9. The application of water to land having a deficiency of moisture for optimum crop growth is called

#10. .Infiltration rate is high; --------- water will pass through the soil surface and erosion will--------

#11. The removal of excess water from wetland is called

#12. If pipes in series what would occu

#13. The application of modified tillage and crop management practices including natural and artificial mulching techniques is called

#14. Hydraulic radius for a full flowing circular pipe is

#15. The collection and storage of surface water as well as the recharge and orderly development of ground water supplies is called

#16. hL = ƒ L/D V2 /2g This equation is known as

#17. The prevention of overflow on low land and the reduction of flow in streams during and after heavy storms are called

#18. What is the hydraulic Radius?

#19. If there are n dimensional variables in a dimensionally homogenous equation, described by m fundamental dimensions, they may be grouped in n-m dimensionless groups

#20. The application of engineering principles to the solution of soil and water management problem



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