Lecturer History Male 2021 Paper MCQS Quiz Test 1.1

PPSC Lecturer History Male 2021 BS-17 Higher Education Department MCQS With Solved Answers.

#1. Hazrat Imam Hussan (R.A) Wife Shehr Bano was daughter of

#2. Treaty of Lausanne Signed in?

#3. Mesopotamia means:

#4. Ibn-e-Sina was born in:

#5. Al Mansoor Abbasid Caliphate was brother of:

#6. Fourth world refers to which countries:

#7. Which of the following tool bar used to access menu bar and tool bar quickly

#8. Which of the following is not caretaker prime minister of Pakistan?

#9. Agra Fort constructed by:

#10. Which US president gave New World Order at the time of USSR disintegration?

#11. When US President Franklin Roosevelt introduced Day Performance of Government?

#12. The Ice burg dubbed A-76 in which sea in:

#13. Buland Darwaza associated with which mosque?

#14. Prior to 19th century Ottoman empire main rival was?

#15. Liaquat Ali Khan was killed by:

#16. How much percentage Housing contributes to Pakistan GDP?

#17. When did Japan Attack Russian?

#18. Mesopotamia word originated from:

#19. in which year Mughal Maulvi Syed Mumtaz Ali and his Second wife Muhammadi Ali begum published Gender equality magazine?

#20. Full grown tree absorb annually how much Carbon dioxide?

#21. 18th Amendment was made part of 1973 constitution:

#22. Who is known as "Conquer of Egypt"?

#23. Inam Land in Mughal Period assigned to which People?

#24. John Marshal excavated Mohenjodaro in:

#25. Diwan-e-Al Associated with?



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