Dormant Meaning in Urdu

Dormant Urdu Meaning with 3 Definitions and Sentences

In Urdu, the word “dormant” translates to “بے حس و حرکت” (pronounced as “Bay Hiss O Harkat”). It refers to something that is sleeping or latent. For example, a dormant volcano is not currently erupting but has the potential to do so in the future. Another Urdu synonym for “dormant” is “خوابیدہ” (pronounced as “khwaabiidah.

Dormant Meaning in Urdu

Understanding Dormancy: What Does It Mean?


In the world of nature and science, the term dormant” often arises. But what exactly does it signify? In this blog post, we’ll delve into the meaning of dormancy, its significance, and how it relates to various contexts.

What Is Dormancy?

Dormancy refers to a state of temporary inactivity or rest. It occurs when an organism or system enters a phase of reduced metabolic activity. Let’s explore some common scenarios where dormancy plays a crucial role:

1. Botanical Dormancy:

In the plant kingdom, dormancy is prevalent. During winter, deciduous trees shed their leaves and enter a dormant phase. Their metabolic processes slow down, conserving energy until spring arrives. Seeds also exhibit dormancy, waiting for the right conditions (such as warmth and moisture) to germinate.

2. Animal Hibernation:

Many animals, such as bears and hedgehogs, hibernate during harsh winters. Their body temperature drops, and they enter a state of dormancy to survive the cold. Hibernation allows them to conserve energy and avoid foraging when food is scarce.

3. Geological Dormancy:

Volcanoes can be dormant too. A dormant volcano hasn’t erupted recently but remains capable of doing so in the future. Scientists monitor these volcanoes closely to assess potential risks.

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