Basic Agriculture Engineering MCQs Quiz Test 4

Agriculture Engineering MCQs Quiz Test with Solved Answers.

#1. Select the formula which is used to determine the peak run off

#2. The practice of engineering, which applies the principle of soil mechanics to the design of engineering structures, is calle

#3. When all voids in the soil are filled with full water then________________

#4. The amount of water which is contained in the void of soil is called

#5. The product of the K.E. of the storm and maximum 30-min intensity is called

#6. The ratio of the density of a given volume of soil solid to the density of an equal volume of pure water is called

#7. The ratio of actual volume of voids filled with water to the total volume of void is called________________

#8. The removal of soil from the land by running water, including runoff from melted snow and ice

#9. Ratio of the volume of void to volume of solids is termed as ____

#10. To find the evaporation from reservoirs the calculated evaporation should be multiplied

#11. The application of the laws of mechanics and hydraulics to engineering problems dealing with sediments and other consolidated accumulation of solid particles produced by mechanical and chemical disintegration of rocks regardless of whether or not they contain and admixture of organic constituents is called

#12. The process by which moisture is returned to the air from liquid to gaseous state

#13. When degree of saturation S = 1 then soil is a_______________

#14. The rate of evaporation has been found to--------with------in the salt content of the wate

#15. The ratio of weight of water transpired to the weight of dry matter in the plant is called

#16. The ratio of the volume of the void to total volume of the soil is called ______

#17. 5.Run off will occur only when the rate of ------exceeds the rate at which water infiltrate in the soil

#18. Specific gravity of soil at +4o C is_______________

#19. The ratio of the peak run off rate to the rainfall intensity is called

#20. Uniform removal of soil in thin layer from sloping land



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